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CropMobster: Fighting Food Waste

11 Nov 2013 9:49 AM | Anonymous

CropMobster is an online crowd-sourcing platform that connects farmers, ranchers, food wholesalers, bakers, grocers, restaurants, and non-profit food organizations to address the problem of “food waste, hunger and importantly, the challenges farmers and food companies face to remain economically viable.”

According to research cited at CropMobster.com, 40-50% of food produced in the US goes uneaten. The United Nations (UN) states global food waste is equivalent to 28% of the world’s agricultural land area. A majority of the waste comes from unsold perishable food at farmer’s markets, farms, restaurants, grocery stores and other food sellers.

Instead of throwing the food away and taking the loss, these groups can post an alert on CropMobster to extend discounted offers, donations or offer the food for free. When a producer posts an opportunity, alerts are automatically sent to subscribers who can then act on the opportunity. CropMobster is primarily used in California.

CropMobster launched in March of 2013 and has since posted numerous success stories.

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